December 7, 2011

Sister Time via Phone Camera

My sister and I got some girl time this weekend.  It was so needed and such a shot of happiness. We rarely get pure one-on-one time just to ourselves. She called last minute to say her family was going out of town and would I wanna come up? WOULD I??? Um, YES! I took off as soon as I could arrange everything and we spent the evening eating, talking, movie watching, talking, blog sharing, talking, book sharing, talking--we talk, a lot.
Coat + favorite scarf = static hair.
We ate Thai food. YUM-MY. This is what's left of our coconut sticky rice with ice cream. We chatted long enough to empty the restaurant several times. ;) Then off to a movie. And if you're gonna see a movie...
you're gonna want some popcorn to go with it.  We didn't even make a dent.
Can't have morning without coffee. Our time went too fast. Sigh. But it was amazing. She gets me like no one else.

See tomorrow's post where I reveal some embarrassing truths.


  1. There's NOTHING like sister time. Glad you had such a great visit.

  2. There's nothing like having that amazing close bond. I see it in my two daughters ... They are inseparable!

  3. I LOVE both of your smiles, Catherine! Beautiful.

    Ahhhh, sisters!

    PS: Thai what'cha-ma-callit? Is that good? (;

  4. awww, how sweet. A sister is a gift from God, for sure.
    xo bj

  5. Aren't sisters the best? They get you like no one else can.

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