August 4, 2011

Truth Thursday: Supergirl

Ready for some truths?
  • A week without my kids revealed how boring I am. ;)  But I did manage to get four paintings finished.
  • P (my youngest daughter above) is helping me clean out.  She's brutal.  She's like the Supergirl of organization. She has a look that says, "Really, Mom?  You're keeping THAT?" I'm usually shamed into putting it in the giveaway box.
  • I'm organized in odd ways that aren't helpful. For example: my craft ribbons are meticulously arranged in their shoebox vs. the pile of undone laundry waiting to be washed. In my attempt to get better, I'm letting Flylady help me.
  • On my time off my sister and I went shopping; I bought four dresses for under $30 at a store named EcoChic.  I'm not normally a dress girl, but they were just so comfortable, cheap and cute I had to get them.  I wanna go back there soon!
Got a truth you'd like to share?


    1. but laundry is so boring!
      glad you finished your paintings..I love dresses, are you going to post any pics of them??

    2. I don't blame you, do the fun stuff, the other stuff will always be waiting. :-)

    3. I think I'm organised but when I look at my ironing room - I realise I'm not really - and like you i'm a hoarder, but I always swear i'm not.

    4. Oh my, I can totally relate to the being organized in unhelpful ways!! lol I'm trying to be better but I've had to make myself realize it's like dieting. A constant daily struggle. Which means I'll consistently fall off the wagon but have to pick myself back up. I like the Flylady and have done it....a few times!! haha!

      I'm going to email you something!

      Cute photo of your daughter!!

    5. Incipient, hadn't thought of photographing them, but maybe I will!

      art2, think I have that philosophy a little too often. ;)

      Clare, hoarder? me? *deny, deny*

      Nicole, "a few times" haha. yes, me too.

    6. Truthfully, living in the RV I now wear a shirt, wear it to bed, and wear it the next day. I have decided we are "camping" as far as the laundry goes. I call it recycling.

    7. Yay on getting four paintings finished! Well done. :-)

      Let's see...a truth about me...I think I tend to not be as "tough" when my husband is around. If I can cry on his shoulder because I'm in pain (lately it's been menstrual cramps!), then I will. If I'm by myself, I tend to "buck up" more. I do not know if this is bad or good!

    8. I hear you!!!
      thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today!!!
      It means a lot!

    9. JeMa, I would totally do the same thing!

      Melissa, I vote good. We need to lean on those who truly love us.

      Peggy, it dawned on me that I hadn't even wished you a Happy Birthday I was so distracted with your cool fact. Hope it's been a wonderful one!

    10. Sounds great. Congrats on the paintings and the fun finds at the store. I'm in the mood to grab some sundresses. It's been hot her in MN.

    11. i am with you wholly on number three! :) great to meet you!

    12. Looks great! You have a fabulous blog! I'm following now. I want to award you with one of my homemade awards: Powerful Woman Writer Award for all the hard work you do!

      Go to and pick up your award.


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