August 13, 2011

Sunday Scribblings: Moving Forward?

You know those people who have their life planned out?  I'm not one of them.  Although, I often wanna be.

Goals are my nemesis.  I set them like a gnome in the yard and feel them laughing at me.  But something's happened this year, I've actually achieved a few.


I know!  It's odd.  And I have this feeling *crosses fingers* that I might be moving forward.  This may be my year to lurch ahead--to grab onto the horns of my dreams and FLY!!

Okay, I'm getting carried away.  Which is why I usually don't reach my goals in the first place.  I set them too high--way above the clouds of possibility.  So let me come back down to earth.

Ahem. This may be my year to achieve three goals.  Why three?  I don't know...maybe because there are three acts in a play; three problems in a story or three pigs in a fairytale (or because I've already achieved two).

Whatever the reason, the winds of change are--changing.  And for once I'm moving with them.

What about you?  Are you goal oriented, anti-goals or somewhere in between?  Are you moving forward?


  1. The point of any goal(s) is that you can look into the future. Human ambition (ugly at times)nevertheless is what makes us so successful. Goals achieved are great, however even goals aspired to are good too. May you always be reaching for the stars.

  2. Like the pigs comment lol. I love fountain, what a nice picture. If each fountain is a project that is a lovely picture of it all coming together and splashing down wherever.

  3. pishah! i'm a planner and you cannot plan for everything in life (my plan didnt work, but its been great anyway, so far)
    in life a panster is the best policy, just go with it!
    and set your goals high! getting there is half the fun!

    ps, you sure left us hanging on your goals, but good luck reaching them anyway!

  4. Stopping by from Sunday Scribblings =) I'm deeeefinitely goal oriented. I need to tell myself NOT to set goals, and not to set any too high cause man, I am such a perfectionist...

    I do, like JUST do things, you know? Not so that I've planned. I think that the future is set out by our goals, yes, but that it's only a little bit that we can control. Everything else controls us. We need to be ready for that =)

    Following you now ^__^

  5. Three IS the magical number! Yay for you! I have been a blog reader for a while and let me just say that you truly deserve to fly high with your dreams!


  6. Make your goals attainable, but set your dreams high. That way you'll always have something to reach for! Fly, Catherine!! Fly!

    (PS- I like the new look of your blog....And can I really have a button?! :D Hmmm...which to choose, which to choose...)

  7. I've been told that my goals are too high, but does that stop me? Nah!! Don't let it stop you either! Go for it and even if you miss the mark, it will be satisfying just shooting in the right direction.

  8. Moving forward is good! I've been a little stagnant lately, but I'm definitely a goal setter. I may be a little slow getting them done, but I always make good on them eventually.

  9. Whoot whoot! Love this. You remind me so much of me. :) No offense!! LOL Can't wait to hear about all your dreams coming true! Keeping pushing yourself in that can do it!!!!!

  10. Its the journey that counts so I say set as high as ever!!! I giggled at your post cuz you sound so much like me! Love it!!!Deb

  11. Keep your goals high and never give up, that is my motto! ;-)

  12. Set your goals high and reach for the stars and keep your eyes open for the magic along the way! POP ART MINIS

  13. Wheeeeee, life is an adventure!!!!
    You discover ALL the time!
    thanks for the words!!

  14. Nothing wrong with setting your goals to high! Its only wrong when you set them to lowwwww. So set high lady and good luck to you!!! I hope your dreams come true!!

  15. Im much like you in fact...I love to reach for a goal my problem is I set too many goals all at once usually and I get overwhelmed or else i am ever you want to look at it. I have many irons in the fire to speak. I have lost a few and won a few all in all I am happy


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