August 29, 2011

Much Love Monday: Little Mister

He's my baby, and he's turning eleven this week.

I love how:
  • He yells miscellaneous words like "potato chips" just to see if I'll laugh (I always do).
  • He can make a Lego war stretch across his entire room.
  • He's sweet about letting me taking pictures of him (even forming a hand-heart for Much Love Monday).
  • He gets talkative when I say good-night.
  • He's named after a book character (poor little son of literary freaks--no, it's not Harry).
  • He's still willing to give me hugs (just not in public).
I love you, little Mister!


  1. How cute! Just wait til he turns 13. Haha. He might not be so willing to do blog photo ops. Cherish the time while you have it.

  2. Hello, visiting from MLM. What a gorgeous shot and how lovely to have a child who cooperates with photographs! Happy Monday :) Becsx

  3. happy birthday to him!

    visiting from MLM :)

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    Your son and my son (whose 12) would have a wonderful LEGO time together!

  5. What a sweet picture! Haha--"poor little son of literary freaks." I love that, and I love his name. Before we met your family we had actually talked about using his name if we ever had a boy! :) But we ended up with Eowyn and Penelope instead--poor little DAUGHTERS of literary freaks! :) And nobody "gets it" in Germany...

  6. Happy B-day, big guy. Love it that he knows how to make you laugh.

  7. Lola, I am!
    Miss Snow, thank you.
    Becs, yes it is.
    Mei, I'll tell him you said so!
    DL, yes they would! He has designated Lego friends who are allowed to touch his treasures. Only those with as strong a love for them get to apply. ha.
    Sadee, haha. And I love your daughters names!!

  8. Mary, yes he does. Not only me; he keeps the whole family laughing. He's a funny little guy. :)

  9. hey, he doesnt look SO little :)

  10. Hi Catherine - he looks so sweet, what a lovely tribute to him. He also looks like you - I'm sure you get told that often. Being a mom - the best job ever!!!!!!!

  11. thingsivseenandheard, WHAT? What are you talking about? He's still an infant-child. ;)

    Clare, THANK YOU! Actually no-one EVER says that. They think he looks like his Dad. I'm printing your comment. (My hubby'll be in a pic tomorrow but don't tell me if you change your mind)

  12. Aw, what a sweet boy! My oldest just turned 12. I'm so thankful that he still wants to hang with me and talk at night!

  13. Enjoy each and every moment. Our sons are grown and live in TX and MD now so visits are all I get. I miss them so...

    He sounds soo wonderful!



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