June 17, 2010

The Climbing

You know that part of the story where everything is increasing and growing and climbing?  When you can't wait to get to the computer and capture your thoughts on screen (or if you're reading...can't wait to get back to the book)?  Well, that's where I've been with my novel.  Notice the use of the word been.

Now I'm at the place where it stops.  I'm teetering at the top sitting there afraid to climb down.  Not sure my original synopsis is creative enough, spellbinding enough, new enough...you get the picture.  And while it would seem that going downhill would be easy; this is the part where I always get stuck.  Argggg!!

I'm trying to push past all the critics in my head and write the blasted story.  But it's slow.  Slow.  Slow.

How do you glide down that other side of the mountain?  Any novel climbers out there?


  1. You'll find a way to the other side :) (If I knew where it was, I promise I wouldn't keep it a secret.)

  2. For me...all it takes is one big push and it's "YEEEEEE HAAAWWWWWW" Down I go!! Thats the point where you stop thinking and let your instincts take over. :)

  3. Synopsis are tough. But the more often you do it the better you get. :)

  4. I wrote my synopsis rather tongue-in-cheek and for some strange reason that helped. If you need another example of one mines on my blog, have a peek if you like. I know after reading several I got the swing of it a bit more :)

    Otherwise put it away for a day and come back. You might see the solution straight away :)

  5. Sarah, thanks for confidence.
    DL, yeah I need a pusher. No, that sounds wrong...
    Kathi, thanks. The synopsis didn't befuddle me so much the the writing after it did.
    Nichole, loved your synopsis!

  6. Can you always just go for it, then come back and tweak later. (I'm preaching to the choir here.)

    I've actually drafted the beginning and the end of mine, because it seemed more fun. Now, to get the middle in shape.

    Good luck! You can do it, and we expect a full report! :)

  7. Thanks for the accountability Kristin! I need it. It's funny, I have the ending of mine written like you and I've finished the beginning, so we had the same idea.

  8. There is no easy way...just take the leap of faith and follow the story.

    I wish it were easier....


  9. Spread those creative wings and fly! I realize it's not that simple, but wouldn't it be lovely if our inner critic came with a mute button and we let ourselves just write?

    Much luck to you with getting through the middle and finishing your novel.

    Sorry I don't have a good answer. I'm working my way back to the top of a similar mountain.

    Happy writing!


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