February 11, 2010

Inspire MeThursday: Smile Often Sugar

I wish all these things for my blogging friends.

If you could chose one saying from the picture above, what would it be?


Shannon sweetly gave me the Sugar Doll Award yesterday.  Thank you Shannon!  I'm supposed to tell 10 unusual things about myself which I already did here.

So now to spread the sugar love, I award six blogs who deserve a looky-loo:
A Heart on a Wire - she recommends GREAT books and has a lighthearted take on life
Bugigangas - gives awesome organic recipes for creams and writes great short stories
Holli's Ramblings - will make you laugh and cry in the same post and she always speaks her mind
Nightwriter - shares her heart like you're talking over coffee
the thing with feathers - creates the coolest journal pages and stories
Vintage Girlfriend - has a unique blend of art from the past and shares her cooking experiences
**As always, don't feel obligated to take awards if you prefer not to.  Just consider it a nod in your direction.


  1. Congratualtions on your award! You have such a pretty blog. Great artwork!

  2. Beautiful Artwork!!! Congratulations on your award! What a cute one!

  3. congrats!

    i'll choose "laugh from belly"
    laughing makes me feel like i'm at the top of the world! it makes me really happy.

  4. Learn something new! I need to read David Farland's latest Daily Kick in the Pants email on the craft of writing...so I could make that one happen myself. :)

  5. Sing from the heart. After writing, that is my other passion.

    Congratulations on your award!

  6. All of those are great, but today I'll choose Laugh from the belly since I've been too intense and driven lately. I could use the cleansing swoop of a good laugh.
    Congrats on your award, and I'll check out those links.

  7. Learn something new. I need to learn more about poison-dart frogs for an article I'm writing. Congratulations and thank you! That's such a nice thing to say. By the way, I did eat chocolate yesterday. ;)

  8. Love the art you posted! I choose smile often. There is never a place or moment when smiling can't help. :-)

  9. Great art. I'll choose connect - which we did this week. Glad to be part of your growing number of followers. I like all your kid lit favs.

  10. i'd say live it up. // i love your "about me" statement// thanks for stopping by and following beautiful chaos.

  11. Catherine, you are an absolute doll, and your award is well deserved!
    Your support for me from the very beginning (yeah - which is like less than one month!!) has meant so much.
    I've been laughing a lot lately, but I will choose "connect". For obvious reasons. :)
    (I'll pass it on - let me know if I do it wrong!)

  12. Christine and Jen, thank you so much!
    Little Flower, Tricia and Tiffany, The Office is on tonight--it might garner some belly laughs.
    M. Gray and Myrna, I hope you learned something new from David and the frogs. ;)
    Tamika, singing from the heart is also a close second for me.
    Shannon it doesn't surprise me that you smile often, I can hear it in your comments.
    Mary and Mel, I've loved getting to "connect" with you too! Mary, we'll have to talk kid lit. Mel, you're easy to support cuz I kinda wanna be you when I grow up. ;)
    Michelle, I'm hoping to live it up with your book giveaway! It sounds like "story" I would love.

  13. Congrats on your award -- I say laugh from belly. There isn't much that feels as good as a laugh.

  14. True Mary, and a good workout to boot!

  15. I have chosen to smile often. A smile can lighten another's load and when we make other people smile we ourselves are blessed. May God bless you this weekend as you add a smile to my day. Thank you.

  16. Aw--thanks!!! I've never won a blogging award before!
    I choose "dance." I need to learn to stop for the dancing.
    your blog is so inspiring. i'm so happy you found me and we have become bloggy friends!

  17. Geoff, smiles always brighten my day!
    Tricia, I'm glad you chose that one. I love to dance although my version is incredibly quirky. Not MTV material. ;) I'm so glad we're blogging friends too. *Hugs*

  18. As you know I LOVED this art piece! Gorgeous! These are hard choices but if I Have to pick one I suppose it would be Connect.


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