May 9, 2016

Maxi-Skirt Capsule

Maxi-Skirt Capsule

Maxi-skirts have to be the most comfortable addition to any wardrobe. They can feel like pajamas while looking like you put time into your appearance and actually tried. These magical skirts can go from work to an outing with friends at the movies. Insanely versatile for a capsule wardrobe because they can be paired with a sweater and boots in winter or tank top and sandals in the summer.


  1. I love my maxi skirts! I'm a sucker for comfort and versatility. I'm short, so I had a hard time finding maxi skirts that fit me (without me having to hem them) until I found a decent selection in the girls' department of a local department store. Happy day!

    1. That's genius, Rebecca! I need to check that out because I'm short too and you're right, it's hard to find the right fit!


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