February 22, 2016

Artistic Capsule

This artistic capsule is full of color, pattern and playful styles.

Each piece allows easy movement for creating, teaching or speaking. A color block dress for a night out on the town or attending conferences. Tunic and pants for meeting at the bookstore or coffee shop. Crosscut sweatshirt and torn jeans for sports events or the bowling alley. Global skirt and heart tee for art dates by yourself at the museum. Elephant lounge-wear for days at home creating.

What outfit would best fit your creative lifestyle?


  1. My capsule has to include an assortment of shirts with fun prints. I am wearing a fitting T-shirt with Ariel from the Little Mermaid on it today. Another favorite shirt has little shark silhouettes on it, and yet another with colorful pineapples. I like to wear these kinds of things when I visit schools (along with my pink Converse) because they somehow seem to make kids warm up to me easier.

    1. That's adorable, Rebecca; I think it's so sweet of you to make yourself more approachable for the kids!


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