November 30, 2015

Minimalist Style #1

I am in love with this outfit! From the teal top, velvet pants, Clarks flats, cable scarf, grandpa sweater and fleece coat ~ I would wear it ALL. Simplicity, comfort, and a tiny dose of spunk with those cat eyeglasses. I could easily slip into this outfit and feel complete. A minimalist look with fun textures, splash of color and a dose of playfulness? Yes, PLEASE!

What would your perfect outfit be?

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November 25, 2015

Gratitude is Beautiful

The happiest, most well-adjusted people are grateful ones. There is beauty in gratitude.

It's the time of year where we stop and reflect on all we're thankful for. 

Gratitude is such a beautiful trait. I notice it in little kids who are overwhelmed you spent time to play with them or the sweet touch of an elderly woman who understands how short this life is.

Here in the states, we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. We gather together over a big meal with family and loved ones to connect and remember all we're grateful for. I like that Thanksgiving comes before the rush to buy presents. It's important to remember we already have so much.

Being grateful gives us the opportunity to savor what opportunities, and relationships we have the privilege of enjoying. It spurs us to give back.

I hope as you reflect back on all that's happened this year, there will be hidden gems to uncover, remember, and be grateful for. For without gratitude, life is dismal.

On that note, I want to thank you my dear readers. You're an inspiration to me! I love sharing my heart, my life and my wardrobe with you. Your continued support and your precious words always lift my spirits. This little space is my home on the internet and sitting with coffee or tea between us, I hope we meet here for many years to come!

Have a wonderful, grateful week!

November 23, 2015

Holiday Travel Capsule #3

Here's how you could wear that . . . 

It never gets old doing this feature. I'm always amazed how many unique outfits emerge with such a small set of clothes. 

Which week of outfits is your favorite?

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November 20, 2015

How I Went from Overwhelmed to Easy Style

Before having a capsule wardrobe, I was a stay-at-home mom wearing sweats more often than real clothes. My closet was so packed with hand-me-downs, gifts, and stuff from impulse shopping runs that it was a mess. I was a mess.

Feeling bad about how you look can affect the way you perceive yourself. It can send a message of self-doubt or self-care.

At the time, I never felt put-together. I didn't know what to wear and trying to find something that went together from my packed closet was overwhelming. It would take me an hour to find an outfit and there'd be a huge pile on the bed. Even if I managed to scrape something together, it often didn't feel authentically me.

When I happened upon an article about a capsule wardrobe, it jumped off the page to me. 

A simple solution to my crazy morning and an easy way to mange my closet? Yes, please! I decided to try it. I started getting rid of anything that did not fit, that was worn, that was torn/stained, and that I didn't love. That removed a large portion from my closet right away.

I wanted my clothes to feel authentically me but I wasn't even completely sure what that looked like. So I started paying attention to the clothes I loved wearing and what items I felt most happy in. I whittled my wardrobe down some more by getting rid of things that I never reached for. My very own style began to emerge in the remaining set of clothes.

This simple act of cleaning out my wardrobe and having clothes I loved within easy reach, had an immediate good effect on my mornings. I was able to quickly pull out an outfit I felt good in, and be ready in minutes.

I felt prepared for the day and that influenced the way I felt about myself and how I dealt with the kids. Because I was caring for myself, I found myself caring better for them. I could make a quick run to the store without having to "clean myself up". Someone could stop by and I didn't feel embarrassed to be seen.

The more I learned about capsule wardrobes and how many outfits I could make with a small set, the more energized and excited I became. The more clothes I let go of, the happier I felt. If the house was a wreck, I could open my closet and see all the beautiful spaciousness there.

The reason I share about creating a capsule wardrobe, is because I know there are women like me, who are overwhelmed. 

You are so busy with all you do, that style seems like a luxury you don't have time for. My heart goes out to you because feeling good about your appearance doesn't have to take a lot of time and it doesn't have to be hard. You don't have to be high fashion to look nice and feel human again.

My goal is to make it easy for you to have something to wear that feels authentically you and doesn't take away from all you're needing to do in a day. 

If you struggle with your wardrobe, please leave me a comment. I'd really like to encourage you! You can also scroll through my tips to help create a simple wardrobe you'll enjoy.

November 18, 2015

Find Your Style in Similarities

Your style is hidden in the similarities of your wardrobe.

Often, because we love certain styles, our wardrobe reflects that. It may be a certain brand, or a type of fabric or a certain dress style that you gravitate to. But whatever it is, you will be able to recognize your style by the similarities in your closet. 

You may not have even been aware of buying similar items but now you can uncover that secret style.

Your wardrobe has a theme running through it that may not, at first glance, be obvious. You probably aren't wearing the same thing everyday but the things you return to, have a similar thread.

Look at your top favorite 20 pieces in your wardrobe. What is alike about them? 

Do they have the same colors? Are they similar styles? Do they usually have the same fabric? 

Maybe it's jeans, or maybe it's a color you love wearing or perhaps it's the cut of your clothes that you return to. Those similarities are your style. You love something about that common thread and it's important to pay attention to that. 

Maybe growing up by the ocean, you love seaside colors. Or if you're fighting your way up the career ladder, maybe all your pieces give off a business vibe. Maybe you're a new mom who's always on the ground or running after crawling babies and your wardrobe is durable.

Whatever your similarities are, take note of them and place an importance on them in selecting and whittling your wardrobe. 

These similarities are super important because they have a connection for you of something valuable in your life.

Be proud of the things that make you, you. 
Create a wardrobe with these values in it and you will be much happier with your outfits. You will wear clothes longer and feel more vital in them.

What similarities did you find?

November 16, 2015

Holiday Travel Capsule #2

When traveling, you don't want to be loaded down with lots of clothing and a humongous suitcase. So instead of trying to pack everything "just in case", pack light with versatile pieces and the ability to make multiple outfits.

This set is a good mix of dressy, casual and cozy. Traveling in the fall and winter months, it's important to remember you might run into some very cold days along with the unseasonably warm ones. Layers are key to being prepared for any kind of day.

Love this capsule? Shop the look here!

What's your favorite holiday outfit?

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November 13, 2015

How to Rotate YOUR Accessories

If you want to jump past the hellos, fast forward to 3:00.

Join me on Periscope @CatherineDenton. I tend to scope M-Th around 1:00, and sometimes on the weekend for chats. :D

November 11, 2015

Find Your Signature Look

Do you know what your signature look is?

My guess is that you do even if don't realize it. Here's an easy way to know what your signature look is:

If your friends call to ask you to join them for an impromptu outing in ten minutes but you're not ready; what is the first thing you pull out of your closet to wear? That is your signature look. 

Your signature look is most likely the clothes you wear the most often, that feel the most you and fit the best.

That's the simplicity of a signature piece. And when you know what it is, it releases you to gather more pieces like that and create a whole wardrobe around your signature look. Wearing it will make you shine and people will recognize you by that look.

Right now, my signature piece in the Fall is usually: jeans, shirt, cardigan, scarf and boots. Some of my friends would wear: maxi skirt, boots and vest; or pants and sweater; or jeans, sweatshirt, beanie. 

If you still don't think you have a signature piece then it's time to figure that out.

Think about what you feel most comfortable in, what fits you the best, and what you love wearing. 

If you don't have something that fits all three categories, then choose one with two of them. Try it out for a week when you're going places with friends or work. Does it suit you and your lifestyle?

Don't wear anything that feels awkward to you because people will feel your discomfort.

Choosing a signature look helps you represent yourself. It gives you a boost in being the best you can be, whether that's a business woman, mom, photographer, blogger, entrepreneur or whatever you may do. Represent yourself!

What is your signature look?

November 9, 2015

Autumn Capsule

Yesterday while driving, I noticed the trees are beautiful with color right now. I always look forward to this moment when they haven't fallen off the branches yet. Seeing them, I reminded myself not to miss it. Sometimes I get so busy that they're gone before I notice; I don't want that to happen this year. I took inspiration from their beautiful hues with this capsule wardrobe intended for fall.

These are some of my favorite colors, what are yours?

November 6, 2015

3 Things to Take Out of YOUR Closet!

We often hang onto items way past their prime. I'm not sure exactly why we do this, but it's time to move on. 

1.   Get rid of anything with holes or stains.

I know it's your favorite tee from high school or the most comfy pair of leggings you ever owned, but it's time to say goodbye. Take a picture if you want the memory, or make a pillow; just keep it out of your closet.

2.  Get rid of the seamstress pile.

You know the one, it's full of all those things that you meant to fix or get fixed but didn't. It's the pieces with the tear at the seam, or the jeans that need shortened, or that tee that would look so cute if you just took time to do that diy. Time to let yourself off the hook.

Get rid of that pile unless you were planning to sew it up or take it to a seamstress today. You don't need the extra guilt every time you see that pile you haven't yet run to the tailor; just cut your losses and give it away.

3. Get rid of shoes that are breaking apart.

Those poor shoes that have served us far past their prime with holes in the toes or a sole that's beginning to come apart. They don't support our feet and we keep wearing them! Time to get rid of those ole' trusty friends. They've served their time and they need a break. If you love them so much, give them a sacred spot in your garage. Or if you're really determined, take them to the shoe repair shop.

You'll save yourself lots of time by not having these worn out items in your closet! When you pull something out, it will be what you feel good in ~ not something you're embarrassed to wear out.

Which of these do you think might be hiding in your closet?

November 4, 2015

Does Your Style Reflect YOU?

If your style does not reflect you, it will make versatility in your wardrobe difficult. 

No one likes to mix and match clothing items that aren't authentically them. For example, those items that someone else bought you, or a trend you thought you'd like but didn't ~ all these items need to go.

The way to be sure your wardrobe reflects you, is to look at each piece and ask yourself this question:

Does it reflect your Soul?

By soul, I mean the deepest part of you: your motivations, your values, what you love. Does it reflect who you are? It doesn't have to tell everything about you but it does need to represent you. For instance, I love for people to feel welcome around me so my style is pretty approachable. I don't look like an icon; I look more like street style.

Keep in mind that your style is not the same as fashion. Style is a more about the longevity of a piece ~ something that won't be awkward to wear next season.

Trends are something that come and go, but style is long-lasting. 

You want your style to reflect your persona. You want people to be able to look at you and see a snapshot of who you are and what your purpose is. You want your style to hint at your inner workings, and the things that make you especially you. 

If you're a counselor, a listener, an artist, a lawyer, love the spotlight, love the background ~ all of these things should be reflected in your wardrobe and your style. In fact, they probably already are, you may've just not noticed.

Let me give some examples. Lady Gaga's style reflects what she stands for ~ she likes to make a statement and be in the spotlight. Obviously this is her "brand" as well since she is a celebrity musician, but she's a good exaggerated example.

Jennifer Anniston is another example. Her style is definitely more subdued. She rocks a simple wardrobe of tank top, jacket and pants. It doesn't scream "look at me", but it does get your attention. Her simplicity points to the person instead of fashion. Her outfits reflect a no-nonsense, competent, business woman.

Audrey Hepburn is probably my favorite style icon. Her style was cute as well as stunning. She was approachable but glamorous. She mostly wore all black, modest yet figure-fitting styles. She sent the message of having depth but also not taking herself too seriously.

You want to seriously consider if your style reflects you. 

Does it show your motivations, values, and what is meaningful to you? Is it full of soft fabrics, casual styles, comfortable lines? Or full of durable fabrics, business styles and conservative lines? Can you picture how those things would send your message?

I'm not a wearer of high heels because it scares me. I'm a little uncoordinated and a bit clumsy so I shy away from heels. You would never walk into a shoe store, see a pair of high heels and think, "Oh that looks like Catherine". No. But you might see a striped shirt or cardigan and think of me because I like classic cuts and love stripes.

Be sure the message your style is sending, is the message you WANT to send.

I believe a small wardrobe full of style that tells a little of our story is worth much more than a huge closet full of passing trends.

What do you want your style to reflect about you?

November 2, 2015

How You Could Wear That, Set #1

Thought it'd be fun today to share how you can create 16 outfits from 1 set of clothes. Let me know which ones are your favorites!

Which outfits are your favorite?