August 31, 2011

Soul Window Wednesday: On Being Naive

My Favorite Four

In the start of my young adult life I only dreamed of two seemingly simple things: someone to spend my life with, and children.  I got both. Neither were simple.

Marriage doesn't guarantee being smitten for eternity.  I assumed my husband would find me gorgeous in every circumstance.  That he would swoon over my amazing intellect and stand with jaw-dropped at my unprecedented ideas.  Not shockingly, that didn't play out. I've found marriage to be like a river.  It can move rapid and give a thrill you never imagined possible.  It can move so slow you're tempted to jump ship.  It can twist to surprise you.  It can drop into a wildly whirling bit of life and make you frantic to hang on.

My husband and I were warned before our wedding about the work involved in making a marriage succeed.  But we were lovestruck and sure we wouldn't be those people--our love was so deep nothing would shake it.

Year One: Shaken.

In marriage, you come to know someone so well they become like a worn, comfortable shoe.  And sometimes you forget to notice the design and unique make-up of it. You take it for granted.  Then one day you go barefoot and realize how much you miss those shoes. You remember what a treasure you have, and vow never to take them for granted again.  That scenario plays itself out over and over throughout marriage and each time, you get a little less vulnerable to forget.

Mothering isn't simple either.  The innocence of a child can make you cry and their uncensored honesty can bring you to your knees.  But, they're selfish too. Your own ticks and foibles show up everyday in little mirrors hanging onto your legs.  You know you need to let go of selfishness to guide them into doing the same, but it isn't easy to get rid of.

Nothing is simple.  It takes courage to walk in the reality of your dreams. I assume my future dreams will have their own reality.  Until then, I'll rest in being naive.

August 29, 2011

Much Love Monday: Little Mister

He's my baby, and he's turning eleven this week.

I love how:
  • He yells miscellaneous words like "potato chips" just to see if I'll laugh (I always do).
  • He can make a Lego war stretch across his entire room.
  • He's sweet about letting me taking pictures of him (even forming a hand-heart for Much Love Monday).
  • He gets talkative when I say good-night.
  • He's named after a book character (poor little son of literary freaks--no, it's not Harry).
  • He's still willing to give me hugs (just not in public).
I love you, little Mister!

August 26, 2011

Dreaming of Ireland

When I dream of Ireland, I can't help but be enchanted.  I love imagining the magic there. With the Irish luck, Irish temper, and rumors of faeries--not to mention rolling hills, ancient castles and beautiful songs, who could resist?

Someday.  Some day.


August 24, 2011

Filling Time Pockets

It's amazing what can be done in small pockets of time. If I was more organized and able to align my day by the minute, I would get so much accomplished.  But since I'm far from that, I've learned to capture the pockets of ten minutes, fifteen minutes or more. They usually happen in the waiting.  I hate waiting.  This helps me not hate it so much.

During the day when I'm at an interval; I snatch my opportunity. I drip paint, imagine a character or outline a face.  And if I'm out, I can still write an idea, scribble a theme, or capture a color palette.

Pouring creativity into the crevices of life helps me accomplish my goals while adding pleasure to the mundane.

How do you fill your pockets?

August 22, 2011

The Thing About Surprises is...

The thing about surprises is...they're surprising.

Last week we got a shock when we found out, due to new policies, our daughter couldn't return to her school. She was devastated.  We were shocked.  It took awhile to sink in.  After much consideration, we decided to homeschool her (along with our other two who were already homeschooling).

Although it'll take her a while to adjust, I'm excited about having her home.
  • I love that we'll get to start later in the morning than we would've.
  • I love how she'll get to delve into her interests more fully (because frankly, it takes a lot less time to teach 3 students versus 23).
  • I love that I'll get to introduce her to my favorite books for literature.
What are you loving today?

    August 17, 2011

    A Day in the Life

    coaxing my kids from their beds
    coaxing me from the house
    i do believe in fairies!

    doctor's waiting room = quiet reading getaway

    August 13, 2011

    Sunday Scribblings: Moving Forward?

    You know those people who have their life planned out?  I'm not one of them.  Although, I often wanna be.

    Goals are my nemesis.  I set them like a gnome in the yard and feel them laughing at me.  But something's happened this year, I've actually achieved a few.


    I know!  It's odd.  And I have this feeling *crosses fingers* that I might be moving forward.  This may be my year to lurch ahead--to grab onto the horns of my dreams and FLY!!

    Okay, I'm getting carried away.  Which is why I usually don't reach my goals in the first place.  I set them too high--way above the clouds of possibility.  So let me come back down to earth.

    Ahem. This may be my year to achieve three goals.  Why three?  I don't know...maybe because there are three acts in a play; three problems in a story or three pigs in a fairytale (or because I've already achieved two).

    Whatever the reason, the winds of change are--changing.  And for once I'm moving with them.

    What about you?  Are you goal oriented, anti-goals or somewhere in between?  Are you moving forward?

    August 12, 2011

    Rain Dance

     Rain Dance

    The last weeks of summer are upon us.  We've been melting here in the Midwest with the longest high temps in the history of the states and finally, FINALLY, it rained!  It poured!!  I've never been so happy to see water falling from the sky.  Right now it's 87 degrees and I can't wipe the smile off my face.  This painting is a celebration of gorgeous rain.  I had so much fun creating it with tons of drips like the rain dripping down my window.  Here's an "in progress" pic:

    Check out more art fun at Paint Party Friday and Pink Saturday:

    August 4, 2011

    Truth Thursday: Supergirl

    Ready for some truths?
    • A week without my kids revealed how boring I am. ;)  But I did manage to get four paintings finished.
    • P (my youngest daughter above) is helping me clean out.  She's brutal.  She's like the Supergirl of organization. She has a look that says, "Really, Mom?  You're keeping THAT?" I'm usually shamed into putting it in the giveaway box.
    • I'm organized in odd ways that aren't helpful. For example: my craft ribbons are meticulously arranged in their shoebox vs. the pile of undone laundry waiting to be washed. In my attempt to get better, I'm letting Flylady help me.
    • On my time off my sister and I went shopping; I bought four dresses for under $30 at a store named EcoChic.  I'm not normally a dress girl, but they were just so comfortable, cheap and cute I had to get them.  I wanna go back there soon!
    Got a truth you'd like to share?